About Me
I’m a designer based out of Kansas City, MO. I specialize in branding and illustration, but dabble in all things creative. I am, currently, an Associate Art Director at DMH Advertising.
I love my two shiba inus more than anything. I run, play music in a local band called Emmaline Twist, and I am constantly on the lookout for art and design inspiration.

My Design Style 
I like to think that my blunt, sarcastic nature helps me to push design concepts to the next level. I enjoy tailoring design to peak audience interest and express brand messaging in new and interesting ways. I particularly enjoy brand development, but at DMH, we all work with and for all of our clients. There are no special teams or silos. So, as a result, I have experience across many types of design and advertising. From print advertising, publication layout, and identity collateral design to motion graphics, 3D and web design. I’ve done it all, and I love a work environment that allows me to explore many different aspects of design.

Outside of Work
When I’m not locked into my computer or ipad, I am always looking for opportunities to engage with and mentor young designers. When I was finishing up design school at JCCC, I participated in the AIGA mentorship program. This program allowed me to meet and learn from dedicated, talented designers who were generous enough to share their wisdom and experience with me. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to participate in this program on the other side now in addition to any and all local student portfolio reviews and help foster opportunities like those I was given for the next generation.

2018-present | DMH Advertising | Associate Art Director
2016-present | Freelance Designer
2018-2018 | Ace Hardware Marketing Department | Graphic Design Intern
2017-2018 | Sock 101 | Graphic Designer (“Ankle Artist”)

2021: AIGA A16 | Scissors & Scotch Integrated Brand Content Campaign
2021: AIGA A16 | Next Gen Prep Integrated Brand System
2021: AIGA A16 | DMH Holiday Coasters
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