12 designers walk into a bar. Okay. It didn’t really happen that way. Because there were only half a dozen designers and a couple of copywriters. And there were four taps at the office, so bars seemed like a waste of money. Point is, the creative team at DMH wanted to send a little something to clients and friends to celebrate making it through the gut punch that was 2019. Better yet, we wanted to cast away our pessimism and find things worth celebrating in the coming year. And, before you could say, ‘Pour me another Psuedo Sue,’ the DMH Coast Through 2020 Commemorative Coaster Set was born. With only minor fisticuffs and name-calling, creatives settled who would work on what, and we were off to the races. We’ll drink to a kick ass new year. How ‘bout you?
Creative Director: Paul Diamond

Copywriters: Lauren Blood and Tom Stofac

Project Manager: Katie Snyder

National Dress Up Your Pet Day – Isabelle Brown
Margarita Day – Paul Diamond
Waffle Day – Paul Diamond
Haiku Day – Meredith McGrade
Space Day – Jared Bergeron
National Donut Day – Micah Allen
World UFO Day – Rob Mitchell
Bad Poetry Day – Isabell Brown
Fortune Cookie Day – Elisa Martin
Punk for a Day – Meredith McGrade
Clean Out Your Fridge Day – Micah Allen
Bathtub Party Day – Corey Favier
Selected for AIGA KC A16 Exhibition ​​​​​​​
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